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I need help with 12th grade ENGLISH in ENGLAND and MATH!

  1. Oct 5, 2005 #1
    OK let me explain. I go to a charter school, so the school is 4 hours and mostly on computers

    Before high school my math was horrible. When I got into high school i made a deterimation to get good grades in math. At first, I didn't succeed. But I studied, and eventually I was getting all A's in math. I got a award from the rotary club for the most improved grades.

    However, the problem is this.
    I have trouble with factoring, and i remember taking the SAT and having trouble on this problem to do with 'mirrors' in an xy graph of functions
    i am good with algebra however


    when i was a freshmen in high school, when most students take calculus, i was taking essienals. Basic math. I passed that with an A. Went onto pre algebra, passed that. Went onto algebra 1, passed that. Then BOOM, I am transfered to another school that doesnt have homework, and then from there I am lost

    I had a teacher that couldnt help me because she was so busy. I couldnt ask questions like i always did, everyday, constantly i was very inquisitive with my old regular high school

    so i never got past algebra 1

    then guess what?

    here comes the AIM test for math
    What do I do? Well, I realize I don't have ANY CLUE how to do the problems because I NEVER GOT THAT FAR IN MATH. So i answered the questions i knew, and the ones i didnt i just guessed. Test results come back, "far below average'. What the heck?

    I was so pissed. I am good in math, and here I get this grade. I want to be a physcist even

    so here i have to take it again

    i have no clue where to start
    but if someone could help me with factoring or that mirror graph thing that would be great
    get this though, i forgot EVERYTHING even BASIC MATH, except algebra
    i cant even do percents anymore

    reason is i finished my math credits and dont have to do math

    so i'm not getting in the practice
    now im really screwed
    i dont even remember how to do fractions


    this test comes in oct 25th too

    another thing, in the second post here..
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  3. Oct 5, 2005 #2
    ANOTHER THING, and this one is the biggie, worse than math.

    because i was told IF I GRADUATED BEFORE DECEMBER, GET THIS, I DIDNT HAVE TO PASS THE AIMS MATH! IS THIS A LOAD OF BS OR WHAT? Can they EVEN DO THIS? What will happen when i go to college?


    I have to do this english class. I go to special ed english because my english comprehension is HORRIBLE
    however, the teacher cant help me because get this
    I have to do over 30 lessons on the computer, each lesson 46 pages +, of guess where?
    the 1600's, and now my most recent the 1816s where of all places?! ENGLAND! Oh god england, i live in america! I dont understand english slang!

    ANd get this, they said this : 'As to test your comprehension, we are LEAVING OUT A BUNCH OF THE ORGINIAL STORY, so this may be confusing to you if you dont memorize all the literary deviecs.'

    Here I have TROUBLE with comphrensation, even taking special ed english, which doesnt help becaues im not actually in the english class there, and they tell me they ar leaving out the major points of the orginial story!?

    Good lord.

    The story is called "Jane Enrey" or something
    anyone read it?

  4. Oct 5, 2005 #3
    Most people have trouble with factoring. Someone on the forums can help you with it if you give a specific quesiton. This site might help you for English.

  5. Oct 5, 2005 #4
    Thanks so much for that link! It is the ULTIMATE cheet sheet! The problem is this. I have a Calculus For Dummies book. I have been told this book is junkb ecause it simplifies it too much
    it has been very helpful to me. do you believe this?

    Apparently there are 2 ways of factoring. The way I know, this way:
    4x^2 + 4 = (2x + 2)(2x + 2) I probably did this wrong anyway.
    And then theres the FOIL method. First, Outer, Inner, Last.
    The FOIL confusues me! What ist he difference? Which one do I use??
    I tried to factor using the FOIL method, it is impossibly hard! I can factor somewhat with PRACTICE using the other method.
  6. Oct 5, 2005 #5
    Foil isn't for factoring, its for expansion. its saying that when you have (2x +2)(2x + 2) that you multiply that out by doing the firsts, the outsides, the innards and the lasts.... DON'T bother learning foil. learn the distributive property.

    as for factoring itself, you have the general idea. you probably just need practice.

    Also, why do you even have clac for dummies if you're not taking any calculus? its not gonna help you much with lower maths.

    and mirroring a graph usually means to reflect a function over an axis. depending on what kinda of thinker you are, you can do it algebraically or geometrically. but find some problems and post in the math forums, that'll be more useful to you.

    I've caught kids up on precalc stuff pretty fast when i tutored. i think you have enough time to cover what you need to cover. i'd go online and just find practice problems for things you need to understand.
  7. Oct 5, 2005 #6
    Trust me, I know the distrubitive property. As I said, I can do algebra equations

    I have the book because i am interested in higher math
    I can't do trig either because factoring in trig is just as harder than factoring
    could you give me an example of that mirror problem?
    by the way, i got my study guide

    it only goes thourgh 4 problems
    a piece of junk it is

    what do you think about not having to pass the math AIMS? is that BS or what?

  8. Oct 5, 2005 #7
    i got out of a lot of tests by graduating early. yes its probably BS but i'm not gonna knock it.

    Anyway, why don't you make a thread in a math forum asking for the help with mirroring a graph and any other math issues you have. try doing your study guide, and let us know what problems arise.

    glad you know the distributive property, like i said, forget about foil. its entirely useless.
  9. Oct 5, 2005 #8
    glad to hear that. i heard about expanding in my algebra text book, the later lessons. it said to expand it. so it is useless after all?
    when do you use expanding?
    I'll just wait for responses, here, ive posted alot in forums today and I am a bit worn out with all the typing

    hopefully someone here can resopnd and answer my question

  10. Oct 5, 2005 #9
    FOIL is a dumbed-down way of teaching the distributive property in only one case. If you can distribute, you've already foiled. Don't worry about it.

    Are you having trouble factoring polynomials, for example, how [tex]x^2 - 4[/tex] factors into [tex](x-2)(x+2)[/tex]?

    Just be sure to let yourself relax a bit. 8 hours of sleep and 1 hour of focussed, aware studying is better than 9 hours of dead-tired studying.
  11. Oct 5, 2005 #10
    the math people don't come down here to GD as much. you'll get more help in those forums. but if you're tired, you should probably just sleep anyway. you've got a few days to go over this stuff. if i were you, i'd just create a study plan tonight. look at what topics are covered, and which one's you aren't familiar with. then you can tackle it better on more sleep and you'll be more efficient that way.
  12. Oct 5, 2005 #11
    I might just post it tommarrow. or better yet, someone can post it for me! LOL I doubt that'll happen
    i'm just kinda lazy today

    been through alot. i also collect gold coins, its known as numismatics
    been to a coin forum called CU or Collectors Universe for over a year, just 2 days ago got banned, and welt hey have contests there, i won a contest, first place, and cant give the man my address to send the prize too

    so I'm a bit miffed and upset right now

    btw to the other person, yes i'm having trouble factoring polynomials, also having trouble with quadratics (no clue if thats in the test) and trig.
    I dont' understand theta and trig, in fact, I trig is veyr hard for me
    i dont understand the factoring in trig
    i dont understand what cosine wave is
    i dont know what a sine wave is
    i have memorized SohCahToa however
  13. Oct 5, 2005 #12
    is that how sohcahtoa is spelled? hmm... its more important to just understand the concepts behind trig, like sine waves and cosine waves, and then be able to relate them to the unit circle. don't even try factoring trig until you understand what trig is. if you want, you can im me, and we can go over some stuff. but you need more direction.

    as far as quadractics go, they're very important. do you know the quadractic formula? memorize it. can you graph a quadratic? you know how to read a quadratic equation and pick out the intercepts and scalar? you know the different ways of writing a quadratic equation and how to recognize one? you need to know that fundemental stuff. factoring is something you get good at only through practice. you're best bet for that is just to find as many examples as possible and work through them over and over. factoring is somewhat intuitive. so you just have to work at it.

    there are 3 basic things i think of in factoring. there's factoring out monomials, factoring into two parenthesis, and grouping, then factoring. i'd probably practice them in that order.
  14. Oct 5, 2005 #13
    nope i dont know quadratics, i dont know what a sine wave is etc, and I dont know any of those factoring besides the polynomials

    give me your AIM name mine is LordWarclaidhm
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    QT, why not just stay in high school another year? It doesn't sound like you're ready to move on yet, even if you can graduate. You probably should have continued to take math classes even though they were no longer required for you. It doesn't hurt to graduate with additional credits (heck, I left high school with 70 more credits than I needed).

    Jane Eyre is a great story, and it was one of my favorites back in AP English. It's also a very long story (really, it could be two novels), and you're not going to learn it quickly unless you're really good at cramming. Spark Notes is a good place to start to give you some guidance, especially if you aren't good at picking up on literary devices (and let's face it, almost no one is), but you're going to have to read the book. Personally, I think it is an enjoyable story. Given the time of year, however, why are you worrying? You've got plenty of time for this. Is this the only book you are reading this semester?

    I can't help you with the factoring, though. When it comes to algebra, I don't really use any methods. I just look at whatever problem is given and it seems to solve itself in my head. I used to know the tricks back when I tutored, but that was a long time ago.
  16. Oct 6, 2005 #15
    Heh, long story to explain here.

    First of all, I am VERY interested in math and concerned about my math. When you said "why dont you take extra math?" well I did JUST that last year. Well guess what though? After I did extra, I couldn't finish it because I had problems, and remember, this school was a charter school. The teachers dont have to be qualified in their jobs! For example, my teacher now isnt a teacher at all, he has a degree in computers! He told me what bandwidth is though! If someone needs help with their math problem, who do they turn to? NO ONE. They are screwed, unless a student offers to help them

    Lately, I've been working my ass of trying to help the other people there, trying to remember what little I remember to teach them. It's pathetic I have to do this.

    I did it for credits at my last school, and got a B+ in tutoring, back when I rememred math.

    I did take extra math in my last charter school, but the teacher couldnt help me because she didnt have time! So I got no where. I couldnt finish it. But I managed to get all my classes done, so I didnt have to take math again. Now, I they WONT LET ME take math again, because they say I dont need it!

    Also, I was in special ed english. I have EXTREME problems with english comprehenstion! it is my fear of all fears, my weak area! They are supposedt o modify it or something! Plus to boot, it says in there that they did DIDNT COPY THE ORGINIAL STORY, they said they left alot of it out, to confuse you and MAKE YOU use context clues and literal devices and ask what, who, why, when, how on each thing! Plus, it uses lots of hard words, its in england, and i have to do 15+ of these same lessons, each one is 46 pages long!!

    It takes me 3 days to do each lesson, and theres 30 of them. I have to read other novels as well! It's hell I tell you!

    I need help here..

    PS: the other ones ive read are Lilliput and this guy in the 1600's who mets people 6 inches tall! Crazy! It was in england too! At least it was somewhat interesting. He put on their fire with his urine! Dont know if youve read it?

    by the way, this program is called ASL. most of them only take a month or so to finish, this one is going to take me years! by far the worst!
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    PF has a https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=148 [Broken] forum now. You can post question from your English class there. (Was the other book Gulliver’s Travels?)
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    You seemed to like that a lot, http://www.cliffsnotes.com is also really good, it has pretty much everything else sparknotes doesn't have.

    Cliffnotes and sparknotes (one or the other) are sold at your local bookstore.

    Also the big ones should have a spinning rack thingy with laminated tripage packets, specializing in each high school/secondary school. They got one for all of them.

    lol, wait till you get to synthetic polynomial division! Apparently you haven't, because it comes after FOILing in Algebra.

    My AIM is hifrommacsapple.

    Jeesuz, I'm giving this stuff out a lot lately.
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    Many people here have read Gulliver's Travels and Jane Eyre. What you need to do is relax. I get the feeling you feel completely overwhelmed by everything right now. Although I don't blame you, you do need to get in a better mindset to make good progress. One thing at a time. If anything, start a thread in this forum specifically for English, and another thread in the Math forums just for math. One problem at a time, we will help you.
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