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I need help with a part of this project design/idea please!

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    Event Driven Texting: I need help with a part of this project design/idea please!

    I am doing a project for a class of mine and I am stuck with one very important thing. I need to figure out how to accomplish event driven texting. This will either be done from one or multiple devices. So use of a modem that can connect to one or more of a certain type of device wirelessly would be nice. Especially if it has the capability of transmitting AND receiving texts. I will try to provide an example to kind of give you guys a picture in your head. Imagine that I had two robots in two different places in my apartment and they both had to do different things (robot 1 had to roll 5 feet and robot 2 had to move forward until it got stuck). I need robot one to text me something like "5 foot mark reached" and robot two to text me something like "I just got stuck". And I would be able to text back saying somethings like "go back 5 feet" or "turn 360 degrees" and they would do just that. Now this idea doesn't just involve robotics so dont worry about the details about the robots or anything. I just need help with the texting part. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys in advance.
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