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I need help with an Excell formula I cannot figure out.

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    Im trying to set up a spread sheet for my chef but Im stuck.

    Cell B2 = invoice total
    Cell C2 = chemical total
    Cell D2 = Sum(B2-C2)
    Cell E2 needs to be...if cell d2 < 4000 then multiply by 1%, if 4000 or greater multiply by 2%.

    Im very stuck on E2 and cant figure out how to make a formula work for this. IF anyone could help Id greatly appreciate it. Im not very good with excell, I can set up very basic formulas but this one has me stuck. Thank you in advance.
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    =IF ( D2<4000 , D2*0.01 , D2*0.02 ) <-- with spaces added for readability

    BTW, the Excel interface generated this for me; I just clicked on the Formulas page, clicked on Logical to indicate that I wanted logic functions such as "IF", and a popup window asked me for the arguments. I supplied the arguments, and it generated the text that got written into the cell.
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    Wow, Thanks! I was looking around in the formulas to see if I could find something. Thanks for the help!
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