I need help with an experiament

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I need help with an experiament......

Ok so I need help with a little project that I have been trying to figure out for a while now. I am attempting to create an artificial photosynthesis/fuel refinery system that uses solar energy and CO2 from the atmosphere to create a small amount of methanol. (This is only the beginning of an idea) First have a solar panel charging a car battery then the + and - wires from the battery are fed into a container of water (electrolysis) and have the container sealed so the gases (Hydrogen and Oxygen) do not mix and go out different tubes. Have the Hydrogen run through a tube and into a holding chamber and have the oxygen run back out into the atmosphere. Meanwhile have a Carbon Dioxide collector (made of Sodium Hydroxide covered vanes) collect CO2 and have the Carbon Dioxide run into the same holding chamber as the Hydrogen. and that is where I am stuck

The problems that i face are 1. Will this idea even work? 2. How do i get the Hydrogen and the Carbon Dioxide to bond to make Methanol? and 3. Would the system be stable enough to be used in an automobile application? so a vehicle could potentially create its own fuel.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas I would be glad to accept them.



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It won't work for many reasons. First of all - as far as I know there is no reasonably efficient method of making ethanol from hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Hydrogen and carbon monoxide may work, but it requires high temperatures and pressures.