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I need help with an old VGA Smart-IQ+ Mass spectrometer

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    I work at a university and we recently had an XPS donated with a mass spec attachment. It is an older instrument that we would love to get working due to the high resolution detector and in situ reduction chamber. We are having issues getting the mass spec to communicate with the gassworks program. There are no installation discs, but there is a terminal program where I can see that it is communicating with the computer, just not the data acquisition program. I believe the issue to be in one of the configuration files, but it is hard to know which one. If anyone knows of anybody using one of these that may be able to help I would appreciate it. The computer is running Win 200 by the way.
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    Good luck to you. I have an ancient AAS spectrometer with Win95 I'm trying to get up and running. If it came with original discs, you may be able to track down on ebay/similar sites if you have the model and serial no. I found a few vintage/old lab equipment sites when looking for parts/manuals for a Leco and furnace, both from the 60s. Also contacting the manufacturer (or whoever bought them out if they're obsolete) can help.
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    Thanks for the ideas. I have searched and found one on ebay, but it says it is broken and doesn't come with disks. I am looking for old equipment sites right now. Thermo scientific bought them out a long time ago and when I called they said they had never heard of it!
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    Thanks mercaptan. I checked those out but I think that this particular instrument has gone the way of the dinosaurs. The sad thing is that the mass spec works just fine, but the software is configured incorrectly. It would be unfortunate to have to drop a few thousand because of this. Thanks again for the help.
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    No problems. Some of the old instruments like that are quite powerful, it's sad you can't use it anymore.
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