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I need help with C ++ or MATLAB : Simpson's rule

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    http://img55.imageshack.us/img55/3461/scan0001op5.jpg [Broken]

    Thank You !
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    You understand, don't you, that no one here is going to do your homework for you! The problem does say, after all, "you have to write the code yourself". You might start by writing out exactly what "Simpson's rule" is.
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    And please refrain from messing up the page layout by posting stupidly oversized imageshack images.
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    It is not homework it is something extra
    I just need help on it

    which one more easy using C ++ or MATLAB
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    If you already know how to use MATLAB then I am fairly certain that using MATLAB will be easier. C++ has various complexities which are not relevant or helpful to solving your particular problem which in MATLAB you will simply not have to worry about.
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    I hate this too big image. could you type these words in post instead?
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    It will be easiest to use whatever programming language you already know, and have installed on your computer.
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