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I Need Help with Craftsman LT1000 Lawn Tractor

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    Okay, first off my neighbor is dumb butt. He had dulled blades and got them fixed. When he took off the deck he didn't take pictures so he doesn't know how to put the deck back on. I went over there and put it all together for him. The only problem is that his Blade Lever (the lever that engages the blades) doesn't work. We see where part of the bottom of it goes but we can't quite figure out where the other end goes. If a picture is needed I can get one with no problem. He has a Craftsman LT1000 Lawn Tractor-27639. It is a nice mower but needs some maintenance. Any Advice?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Have found the Owner's Manual on the web? That seems like a good place to start.
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    No, i've looked and haven't found anything. I haven't had much time to thouroughly search the internet. If that would even be in an owners manual. Might be in a repair manual.
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    LawnMowerMan1, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Have you contacted your local Sears service center yet? Craftsman is one of their products and they usually will help owners with problems.
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