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I need help with Creative!

  1. Nov 9, 2008 #1
    HI .. i know its not the ultimate best forum to talk about this.. But i have this problem that if i dont find a solution.. Ill break something.

    I bought those headphones.. Creative Fatality.. (http://www.fatal1ty.com/products/hardware/#headset) and they seems to work fine...


    I hear sounds and all.. can play music BUT when I`m using Ventrilo.. Or put the microphone mixer( to hear my voice in my headphone speakers..) its a HORRIBLE sound that comes out!! like squeaking my voice like a robot! Everybody hears me well.. But not Myself!! Some types of sounds also do that like the *clicks* in IE (Internet Explorer) qhen you press back or etc.. Steam chat sounds also.. But Msn is spared.. (Thank God!) But please help me!!

    I updated all drivers and im using vista basic family edition.

    oh please help..
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