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I need help with determaning the age of something by rust

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    I need some one that can look at the rusting of a knife and determine about how old the knife is, because I have a knife that is from Pune city India, and determine how old it is might help extend the range of how old the city is. The knife is more of a dagger and they haven’t used the term "Pune steel" since they specialized in weaponry 100,000 years ago. The knife doesn’t look that old by the rusting but may have been preserved in the mud I think it was found in. My family seems to think that my great grandpa bought it of the merchants there, but the merchants haven’t sold daggers like this for a couple 100, maybe even 1000 years. But my great grandpa got the knife just 70 years ago, in WWII so he couldn’t of bought it. I think he found it while he was digging a foxhole near a river. I need help... so email me at My email (the link is to my email) If you can help me and ill send you some pictures of my dagger. Thanks!!!
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    The best way would be employing 14C-based age determination techniques, in my opinion. Consult the local nuclear research facility in the place you live.
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