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I need help with discrete math

  1. Feb 28, 2005 #1
    ok the problem is

    Given that a and x are intergers, a>1, a|(11x+3), a|(55x+52), find a.

    I am not sure how to even start this one to find a....any help please :cry:
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    There are integers p, q such that

    11x + 3 = pa,
    55x + 52 = qa.

    Try eliminating x...
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    ok how do I eliminate x??
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    I am not at all familiar with number theory but I think got the answer:
    First of all we have a>1>0 and x>0

    11x+3=pa<=>55x+15=5pa (1)
    55x+52=qa (2)

    q,p are natural numbers
    So a|37 and 37 is a prime=> ...
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