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I need help with Excel

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    I need help to add an exponential trendline on my graph. I have three graphs and I have succeeded with the first one but somehow the exponential trendline will not show on the two other graphs even though I have selected the option multiple times. I also tried to re-do the graph in a new document but it did not work...
    Please help me :)
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    Doug Huffman

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    M$ Excel is a for-profit product, so that anyone that has developed expertise will expect to recoup their costs.

    I suggest a Free Open Source Software alternative in OpenOffice/LibreOffice, their Calc application (VERY similar to Excel), and their extensive documentation and on-line help. Indeed, they are so similar that on-line help may suffice.

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    Seems like a shot with closed eyes. Unless it has confidential data, you should share the .xlsx at least.

    I agree, at least partially, with Doug. Based on my own experience, unless you need PowerPoint all the time (or Publisher, or OneNote, or whatever-libreoffice-does-not-offer), you could give it a try. I see a good amount of people around me making the change and liking it. Word to Writer and Excel to Calc are really easy changes.
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