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I need help with homework

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    i need help with homework!!!

    here's the problem: a piece of tape pulled from the dispenser has 0.26e-6C of charge per centimeter, what length of tape must be pulled to transfer 3.4e13 electrons to the remaining tape?
    i took physicsI 2 years ago, and i don't remember anything!! help!!!
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    Please post your homework questions in the Homework & Coursework subforum. And please read the guidelines for posting in that forum. We can't help with homework unless we first see some effort from you.

    Secondly, "I don't remember anything" is not a great excuse for not being able to attempt a homework problem. You don't have to remember much if you've got a textbook nearby.
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    Not to be mean, but it is much easier for a person who is going to help you if you give a better title. Tons of people come here everyday and say "HELP!!!" Or "Plz help mez with my homeworkr!"
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