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I need help with my design engineering homewrk

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    i was given an assignment in my design engineering class......it goes as follows:

    What is the maximum amount of weight that can float in a boat made out of 1 sheet of cardboard 4 feet by 8 feet in size...when flat but it can be folded and cut and glued in any shape you choose.
    **you also have to be able to prove your solution**

    If the dimensions were 2' by 2' by 4' then the volume would be 32
    and then next would i have to times 32 by 62.4 ( weight of water per cubis foot) to give me the answer.?

    cuz it would come out too be 1996.8 pounds...and it seems to me that thats a little to much for a cardboard box on water to hold

    if any one could help me with this that would be awesome

    thanks--- :biggrin:
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    This isn't exactly my field, but it might help to know what those dimensions are. I would assume it would support the maximum weight if it displaced the maximum volume for the given area, which makes it a relatively simple extreme-value problem.
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    you need to remember archamedias in this problem because the weifgt of the water displaced is also the weight of the water inside so you cant fill it to the top cause if you do then it would sink
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