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I need help with quantum physics

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    Hi, im just a teenager but im very interested and dedicated to learning quantum physics, i want to be a theoretical physicist or astrophysicist, something like that. But im trying to learn as much as I can using books, tv, and the internet mostly. Sometimes i have a hard time understanding it and would really be pleased if some people could help me, im not asking for a tutor, just some tips, explanations, to help me understand more. And I am also looking into certain colleges if anyone has any comments on that.

    Thank you
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    You're asking someone to... teach you physics? That's too broad a request.

    - Warren
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    That's what this forum is for !
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    Okie dokie ... so start asking questions!
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    Don't ask to ask, just ask!

    The most effective way to use this forum is to ask specific questions, preferably on something that you've tried to understand (i.e. you've made an attempt first) but still have problems with. This way, it doesn't degenerate into a full-blown lesson on a general topic, which is almost impossible to do on a public forum such as this. So ask your question, and indicate that you already know or attempted to understand, and where exactly you don't.

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