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I need help with this prob fast please

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    I am a beginner in physiscs and i am soo confused....

    Diaplacement vectorA points due east and has a magnitude of 2 km and dissplacement vector B points due north and has a magnitude of 3.75km. Displacement vector C points due west and has a magnitude of 2.5 km and displacement vector d points due south with a magnitude of 3 km. Find the magnitude and direction ( in respect to west) of the resultant vector a+b+c+d
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    Make a diagram, draw vectors as arrows. Try to make their arrows proportional to their magnitude.

    You could even think of it this way,if you go east 2km, and then west 2.5 km, than you know you went west .5 km, and then north 3.75, south 3km, therefore in total you went west .5km and north .75 km.

    Now, you can even use the pythagorean theorem to solve this.....

    Next time, PLEASE try to say what you tried to do, what didn't work, and why you are confused. It would help greatly.
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    Ok Thank you!!! so much!!
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