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I need help with this problem

  1. Jan 30, 2007 #1
    9-t/3-squared t x 3 + square t/3+square t

    i get on top 27+9square t -3t-t square t/9-3square t- 3 square t + t

    i forgot what happens when u rationa,ize sqaure roots like this
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    i need help man, any one know how to add square roots such as 3 square root 5 + 3 square root 7,
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    this doesn't make sense because whenever i plug in the 9 i get 3 and the answer is 6, it doesn't make sense.
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    What does the first post say, it's not clear?
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    Actually NONE of these make sense!
    If you aren't going to use Latex at least use parentheses to clarify- and "t^2" is clearer than "square t".
    I think you mean (9- 3t)/(3-3t^2)+ t^2/(t^2+3). Can you factor 3-3t^2? Get the lowest common denominator and add.

    [itex]3\sqrt{5}+ 3\sqrt{7}[/itex]? About the only thing you can do is factor out the three: [itex]3(\sqrt{5}+ \sqrt{7})[/itex]. There is no way to "add square roots" of different numbers.

    Plug 9 into what? What are you talking about?
  7. Feb 1, 2007 #6
    i figured this one out already, i didn't mean 3 squared i meant the square root of 3
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