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I need help with this problem

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    Please, can you help me I need to help to find density for solid cube and cylinders ex.wood cube,wood cylinders, aluminum cube. I need to find density without the volume. I looking for the equation to work out the problems.

    I can't use D=mass/volume

    I have no volume to calculate
    because we only measure the length, width and mass
    in our physics lab class.

    Thank you
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    Rectangular prism-
    Density= mass/(length*width*height)

    Density= mass/width cubed

    Density= mass/(pi*radius squared*height)

    Or do those not count??
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    Thank-you Gale 17, I can use these equations they do count.
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    Incidentally, the formulae Gale listed are density = mass / volume.
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