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I need help with this STATISTICS problem that deals with Chebyshev's theorem.

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    the heights of adult men at Suny Rockland have mean heights of 63.6 and a standard deviation of 2.5. What does Chebyshev's theorem tell us about the percentage of men whose heights are between 58.6 in. and 68.6 in.?
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    Since 58.6 and 68.6 are equally distant from the mean, find the number of standard deviations 68.6 is above the mean and then apply Chebyshev's theorem.
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    In such type of questions, the best way to handle them is to ask yourself what formula you require to obtain the interval values. This formula is: lower value=mean-k(s.d.) or upper value=mean+k(s.d.). Once you solve for k in either the two equations, you may use the value obtained to get the percentage using Chebyshev's Theorem.
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