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I need help with tuition.

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    I'm trying to take some classes, Calculus III, Intro to Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, as dual enrollment at the local university during the upcoming semester. Unfortunately, my parents can't afford it, and there are no scholarships, charities, or NPO's that I can find to help. Does anyone have experience with finding funding for dual enrollment, or have any ideas?

    Thanks for your time,
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    Ever hear of a job? :uhh:
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    Thanks for your oh-so-helpful recommendation. It's greatly appreciated, truly.

    $2,555 is a summer is a little much.
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    Do you mean you need to make that much over the summer to pay for tuition? that's extremely doable if so.
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    Not now. I have 4 weeks until highschool starts back and 2 until tuition is due.

    I didn't know I was going to have to pay for it at the beginning of the summer. There *was* an NPO at my HS that payed for this sort of thing, but they're reapplying for their grant and are out of money.
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    ahhhh. Yah sounds like you're out of luck then.
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    You might find some scholarships, but you're chances of doing so go downhill if you're white, male, have middle-class or upper-class parents, parents who are not veterans, are not in the military, have all your physical functionalities, etc.

    Student loans. Some people hate having debt, but honestly if you are viewing it as an investment (which it sounds like it is), it shouldn't be that terrible.
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    The problem with scholarships, and I assume student loans, is that most, if not all, require a highschool diploma.
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    I hope you took this as a leaning experience. Deciding you don't have to work early on because you don't think you'll need the money can leave you in a bind down the road. To first order, you always need the money
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    How does the dual enrollment thing work?
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    I worked during high school so I could pay my way at university. My parents couldn't afford it either.
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