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I need help.

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    ok first of all my problem is the electric company. they charged me outrageously for fees. they didnt charge my neghbors. 775usd for ussually around 120usd. they shot down all my efforts to dispute the bill. thus i have set out to be able to produce my own source for electricity. i am not a brainiac but i am smart enough to figure things out so any help will be great. what i am trying to do is find where i can get a generator that will suficently run a single house with all the neccesities for urban survival. i want to power this generator with no gas or diesel. i would like to power this generator with an electric motor(110). preferably 5 hp. i have already located these. i want this to turn a machine to pump out mechanical energy to multiply the electric motor's output. i have researched a little in energy storage. i am quite sure that with 45 amp battery chargers and batteries i can store electricity sufficently. i cant find any info on generators other than how to buy them and they have a gas or diesel motor on them. ANY INFO AT ALL would be helpful. if i have to make a generator myself i will do it. i do want to say that i want commercial or industial grade machines. or at least something that will last. if anyone has any reading info i would be greatfull to know what it is. and to all who help me on this one i am greatly appreciative.
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    Where do you plan to plug in the battery charger?
    Plugging the charger into the generator powered by the same batteries won't work.

    If you have a bill problem try some of the goverment agencies of perhaps a lawyer.
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    Ok, what you're saying makes absolutely no sense. You want to power an electrical generator with an ELECTRIC MOTOR?! How the heck does that work? :grumpy: Listen to what you're saying! you want to run a generator to be independent of the electric company, by using a generator that requires electricity to run?! Where does that electricity come from?!

    Most backup generators I have heard of run on a natural gas line, or propane (gasoline and diesel are also options I suppose). You can choose a properly sized generator based on how many electrical items you want to run at one time, and their total power consumption. If you want to "stick it" to the electric company, you could also consider solar panels on your roof, and better insulation with triple-paned windows to lower your bills. Also, changing to natural gas water heaters and appliances would help some too.
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    you cant defy the law of energy!
    there is no such thing as free energy.
    you'll proabably find at the end of the day - its costs the same - assuming you get power from the same electrical company to charge your motors. If not? - where will you get energy to power your motors??? from the sun?? then maybe things will be cheaper as this is a form of 'free' energy.
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    Google cogeneration to learn more about making your own electricity for your home. You need a source of energy, like if you live on land with a creek flowing, or put up solar panels.

    If your electricity bill is high compared to similar houses nearby, ask the electricity company to do an energy audit on your home. Here in Northern California, our energy utility PG&E does them for free, in an effort to save energy and to help them not have to build more power plants.
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    All you need to do is hook up the generator to any one of the perpetual motion machines that you can buy off the internet:rofl:
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