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I need help

  1. Jul 24, 2004 #1
    hello i really have a problem in my statistic class. please help me
    i'm begging you, i don't wanna fail. please amd i don't have amyone's email except you .. please
    the problem is....
    in a certain population an average of 5 new cases of esophageal cancer follows a poison distribution, find the probability that in a given year the number of newly diagnosed cases of esophageal cancer will be:
    a) exactly 10?
    b) Not more that 2?
    c) At least 3?
    d) Between 1 and 3?

    Thanks a lot
    Please put the smile on my face please.. I’m afraid that you’re gonna say no.. please.
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    You seem rather desperate. However, nobody is going to give you the answers to these problems. It's against the forum's policy to do so (I think). Show us what you've done and maybe someone will lead you to the answer.
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    I really dont understand what you have meant by a), b), c), d)
    And the question is not clear either. Write the question in a more understanding way and I 'm sure I can help you! supundikadl@yahoo.co.uk
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    The question is quite straightforward, however, the poster needs to show some evidence of an attempt at solving it.
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    Take the Poisson formula. Using the information given (namely, 5 new cases) find the parameter value (u) of this Poisson distribution. Then use this distribution to find the answers through plug and chug.

    When you be stuck, always fall back on the definitions.
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