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Homework Help: I need help

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    i need help with this problem and its dude in a hour

    can you show me every step and how to fine the [tex]\mu[/tex]

    It's a snowy day and you're pulling a friend along a level road on a sled. You've both been taking physics, so she asks what you think the coefficient of friction between the sled and the snow is. You've been walking at a steady 1.5\;{\rm m}/{\rm s}, and the rope pulls up on the sled at a 22.0^\circ angle. You estimate that the mass of the sled, with your friend on it, is 69.0 kg and that you're pulling with a force of 78.0 N.
    what will the answer give you
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    Was I not supposed to?
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    Giving out solutions is against the rules here. The person requesting help needs to show their attempt at a solution so we can see where they might need help, and then you can only offer suggestions to help them solve the problem themselves. We don't give out answers here. I've deleted your answer and I don't think the poster had time to see it yet.
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    Ah, sorry about that. Didn't know.
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