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I need help

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    a force represented by the vector a=2i+-5j and the other exerts a force b=-8i-3j determine the combined force magnitude
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    do you know what vectors are and how they are added? do you know basic newtonian mechanics?

    try drawing a picture, it should clarify things.
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    I am having trouble with it I keep getting - 14
  5. May 8, 2005 #4
    what exactly are you doing? the answer is most definetly positive.
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    sorry I scrwed up (2i+5j)+(-8i-3j) I add the horizontal components then add the vertical components then simplify. I came up with 10 does this look right
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    which is the correct form of the vectors? in your first post it was 2i-5j and -8i-3j. that way the magnitude of the sum force is 10.
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    Sorry the first posting was the correct one 10 is the answer feeling kinda stupid thank you for the help
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