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Homework Help: I need HELP

  1. Jul 2, 2005 #1


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    I need HELP (new)

    yearl income CPI Real Salary (my answer)

    1999 20,500 98.5 20,812.18
    2000 21,100 100.0 21,100.00
    2001 21,400 102.8 20,817.12
    2002 22,000 105.5 20,853.08
    2003 22,300 109.7 20,328.17
    2001 22,900 116.0 19,741.38

    i am not sure i do it is right or wrong, and i haven't idea to do (b)
    anyone can help me to solve the problem?
    the question attach on the file.

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    You're not likely to find many economists on this board. Maybe someone who has taken some economics courses is around, but help may be slow in arriving for these types of questions.

    That said, if all you're supposed to do is adjust the income by the percent change in CPI, which is what you've done and I think is correct, then part (b) seems to be a rather straightforward question based on your answers to part (a). Just look at your answers and see if the salary has kept up with inflation.
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    Your numbers for a look good. For b if the sarary keep pace with inflation the adjusted salary does not go down, but you see it does do down so the complaint is justified.
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    thanks so much of your help.
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