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Homework Help: I need help

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    i have this problem for physics, it is:
    a guy in a sailboat needs to get to a safe harbor that is 112km@220 degrees from his present position. in order to beat a storm, he needs to get there in 3.50 hours. the current is measured at 11.9 km/hr@ 106 degree, and the wind is blowing 21.7 km/hr @ 313 degrees. The captain sets his course (vc) as 36.9 km/hr @ 203 degrees.
    what is his track velocity
    does he make it to the harbor in time to beat the storm?
    if he does make it, how much time does he beat the storm by?
    if not, how far from the port is he when the storm hits?
    Please help!!!!!!!

    i have done this about three times and my answers are not adding up with my teachers, and i know for a fact that his are right. i keep getting 22.6km/hr@ 300degrees and he does not make it by 12 km
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    Show us your work, how did you get your answer?
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    figured it oout

    i called my teacher and he explained it to me and i got the right answer this time which was he does not make it and it was by about 9 meters.

    thanks anyway
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