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I need publishing a paper

  1. Jul 26, 2009 #1
    About a month ago, I got my masters in physics (condensed matter). I worked really hard for about a year and half on the subject of sumulating the semiconductor nanostructure properties with different simulating codes which applied density functional theory approach.

    I prepared two papers on the subject of electronic, mechnical and optical properties of different nanostructures and submitted them to journals with impact factor of 1.9. But they were not even refereed ..... :(

    From the time I got this result, I am freezed. I have not even dared to go through reading the papers again, editing them and try sending them for other journals. VERY desperate!!!!

    Unfortunately, I can not ask my advisor to help me, because truly speaking, he is only professonal in submitting the papers without even reading them or knowing what the subject is.

    I really need someone who has the experience of publishing papers in this field to guide me what to do. Or even introduce me a new subject to start working hard on it. I REALLY need to work on what I have learned and continue learing new details on it and I REALLY need publishing papers.
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    I don't understand why you can't ask your advisor for assistance. Surely, he knows how to get papers published, and the conditions that one must satisfy in order to get a paper through peer review (or even through the editor).

    Anyway, the first thing you should do is read the reasons the editors gave you for not accepting your paper. It may have just not been relevant for their journal.
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    Unfortunately, as I said, my advisor does not have the relevant knowledge of getting the papers published. He does not even read the paper!!!

    My paper was rejected without receiving any reason from the editors. Should I ask them to send me their reasons?
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    How can your advisor have no knowledge of getting published: he is a professor, right? If not, you should complain to your university since you should have an advisor who can help you in these matters.
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    I am sorry to say that it is the situation we have. I prefer not to complain about my advisor to the university, because at the final stage the bad side of it will be mine.

    Anyway, do you think it is wise to restart individually and again try submitting papers? Or, I should find someone who can tell me where I have gone wrong.
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    Surely you can see why we have trouble understanding that you can't though. You don't get to hold the position of professor without any knowledge of how publishing works, and most professors are very well aware that they cannot allow something with their name on it to be submitted without at least reading it at first. This to me sounds like more of an intimidation issue that needs to be resolved.

    However, so let's say that you can't approach your supervisor. You have other options. Is there anyone else's name on the paper? Perhaps you can approach someone on your supervisory committee for some feedback. Or perhaps you could speak with another grad student. You also have to consider the reason for rejection. One of the most common reasons is because the content was not suitable for that particular journal. Also from your post, it seems that English is not your first language - sometimes journals will reject a manuscript of the language needs work.

    You have to know precisely what the problem is before it can be fixed.
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