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I need some college suggestions/advice

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    I am currently a senior in high school and is serious about pursuing a career in physics and engineering. However , I am not really sure what school is will be best for my career interests. Currently , my list of options are MIT , RPI , or RIT (if I can't make it to the other two.) My plans are to double major in physics and a undecided engineering , getting a PHD in physics and a master (at least) or PHD in engineering as well. I would really like to broaden my options as much as possible so any suggestions and advice would be appreciated. In other words could someone tell me of any other schools that have a good physics and/or engineering program?

    Also, I am not very sure which type of engineering is right for my interests. I love to design and construct things... whether it's electronic or mechanical. Can tell me which type of engineering might fit these interests?

    Thanks. :cool:
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    if you are in any kind of engineering you'll design and build stuff, now you got civil, mining, nuclear, chemical, goelogical, mechanical, elecrical and the list goes on, civil is by far the broadest of the many diciplines, the choice is yours, whatever you like the most go for it
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    You must live in (upstate) NY or thereabouts. I suggest you keep a couple more options open as far as college is concerned. The SUNYs are pretty good and I don't have to tell you about Columbia or the likes.

    I personally think it's a good idea to get an Engineering degree in college. It gives you good exposure to engineering as well as math and physics. You can always switch to Physics in Grad School (as I did), if you choose to. Also, if you choose not to go to Grad School, or work for a bit before going to Grad School, your prospects are perhaps a little better with an Engg Degree.

    Within Engineering, you can look at Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Materials, Aero or Civil. It is my opinion that these are the closest to physics, and if I had to pick one, I'd go with Materials Science/Engg. However, there's probably more design/building work in Mechanical Engg.
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