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I need some good advice

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    see im going into eight grade next year and i am seriously looking into electrical engineering, im talking college and jobs, please give some advice thanks in advance
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    Good for you. EE is a very good career option, although it requires a lot of study and work. But it sounds like you are up for it.

    The two basic pieces of advice I give aspiring EEs is to read "The Art of Electronics" cover to cover, and to start building elecronics kits that interest you.

    There are more advanced steps after that, but the AoE and a couple of fun kits go a long way to building your future, IMO.

    Go well (from Studiot).
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    thank you for the answer
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    This is just a personal preference, and it's not the road for everyone, but America needs advanced thinkers. I challenge students to seek out more than what they find in the classroom. Applied mathematicians, engineers that spent internships engineering, students that spend the extra time to decode the vagaries of the subject rather than studying for the test; these are what America needs.
    Working minimum wage in test facilities, assembly houses, or in some cases the Navy, these are good ways to learn not only how things work, but how we apply them.

    I Wish You Well,
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