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I need some guidance for next school year

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    Hi, I'm new member, and this forum looks like it might be helpfull for the next school year in which I will take Calculus. I'm sorry for my English but I live in USA for only few years. For now I would like someone to instruct me how to prepare for Calculus. I have a lot of free time now and I think that getting an edge would be a very good think. So please reccomend me any good book or web site where I could learn some stuff before school starts. Thanks in advance. :smile:
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    hello there

    well I say go buy a text book which is an introcuction to calculus, something that has alot of examples, something you feel comfortable to read, and if you have any trouble we are always here to help`

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    I recommend James Stewart.


    Pretty expensive, but nothing outside the range of standard textbooks.
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    ....stewarts isn't expensive for the material you get and it helps you through a good 4 years...heh he's a mcmaster alumnus who got honoured at my graduation...his honorary speech: (paraphrased) if you can't getinto science there's always science writing.

    good advice except i don't know who to go to or how to even start writing a short article.

    as for websites "mathworld.com" don't worry about calc ...its prolly the easiest subject in first year science except maybe psych: neurosci I.
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    Do NOT under any circumstances get any of the "Shaum's Outlines". They are horrible.
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    It depends on the author, some books in the series are quite good. The ones on numerical analysis, difference equations and complex variables are good. The ones on calculus, tensor calculus and chemistry are fair. They are however best used a supplements to more detailed books.
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    I found the Calculus one to be OK, but not worth the price. The one on Statistics and Probabilities is just BAD.
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    I got the second edition(1864) of Differential and Integral Calculus by Ayres real cheap. It is not great, but their is some good stuff, including as the cover proudly promises 1175 solved problems. The current edition (fourth (1999) is 578 pages (2nd was 345) and promises 1103 solved poblems beeter grades and graphing calculator help. It list for $16.95. While I do not know if it is better of worse than my copy and I agree one could likely find a better book for less it would also be easy to find a worse book for more.
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    Odd, I paid 40$ for it. Although this is in Canadian dollars. Still quite a lot for a poor student such as myself.
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    I see yes I wouldn't pay $40 canadian for it either.
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