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I need some help, please.

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    Recently my computer got some sort of virus, and now when I try to start it, it'll make it to the Windows XP loading screen and then blue screen and restart. I have since then got a new one, which was much needed anyways, but I didn't get all of my files backed up. I have been told by my cousin, who is very good with computers, as am I, that it's possible to dual boot two versions of XP, I have the original restore CDs, so I'm set there. I'd like to do this, access and copy my files, then wipe the drive and make it into a Linux laptop. Problem is, how can I make a partition for this dual boot, WITHOUT formatting the drive and losing all my data. I've looked up some of these programs on the web, but they are all ridiculously expensive, as I'd likely only use it once. I have also been told that you can use a Linux install CD to make the partition, which I have one of (Ubuntu) but not with me currently. I do not have highspeed, so downloading something is restricted to it being less and a few Mbs. What is the best option? Thanks so much in advance.
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    To make partitions on a harddisk without formatting the disk you can download the gparted livecd. It is basically a small linux cd containing the software gparted.
    http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php" [Broken]
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    Alright, will check it out thanks!
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    Ugh, I looked at it, and the LiveCD is 52 megs. I opted for the LiveUSB which is half that, but still huge for dialup. Do you think that I will be able to see the contents of my drive from gparted? Cause then I wouldnt even need to partition.
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    Does your new laptop have a open HD bay? many do. If so, pull the HD out of the old computer and put it in as a slave on the new system. Now you can transfer files easily.

    Once you get what you want, repartition and format, now you have more HD space.
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    What? Since when do they have two HDD bays? Anyways, I don't think so. I got a program called Clone Maxx, but it wouldn't work with my external harddrive attached to my old laptop. I'm now at my neighbors with high speed and will try downloading gparted again. Thanks
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    Well, I downloaded gparted, and as I am very happy to say, it recognized my external hard drive, and is in the process of copying my old one to my external. Cross your fingers. Thanks both of you.
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