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I need some help understanding eulers method.

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    Every single example i have seen of eulers method starts with a range of 0 to some number, what if you had it going from like 2 to some number?

    for example

    if we had
    x'=2x^2 + tx x(2)=1
    and our range was
    2 <= t <= 2.5 with h = .25

    would I do this?

    x(2.25)=x(2)+f(x(2),0)*.25 = 1.5

    or would i do this

    x(2.25)=x(2)+f(x(2),2)*.25 = 2
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    You do the latter one. The idea is that at each step (tn,xn) have the point approximately on the curve and the slope at that point x' = f(tn,xn). So the new value xn+1 = xn + hf(tn,xn) where h is the step size.
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