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I need some help with shoes!

  1. Jul 10, 2008 #1
    Hey All,

    I wouldn't all myself uber trendy, and I don't really take much note of changing fashions but I have always had a bit of trouble with shoes. I just have no idea what type of shoes ar 'in' or what to actually look for. I'd like something quite casual and comfortable. On the weekends I ill wear something like a nice fitting polo shirt, with a pair of nice jeans, and I think that what I've been doing works well, even when I have talked to other people about these things they seem to agree.

    At the moment I wear a pair of old brown skateboarding shoes, they aren't big and puffy, so I quite like them. I would just be interested to know what type of shoes you all wear, or what you think looks nice? I'm off to town in a few days and that is when I will part with the 50 odd pounds a pair of shoes will cost, so any advice would be great. If nothing come of this then let it just be a "What shoes do you wear thread"


    ^ That's pretty close to the ones I have now. I like these kind of shoes, not like ultra puffy skateboarding ones though. Hey, maybe I need to change them, if so a bit of help would be great.


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    When it's hot out, I wear lightweight synthetic running shoes to keep my feet comfortable. If it's cooler, I'll often wear a pair of leather walking shoes or a pair of leather court shoes. My wife works for New Balance, and she gets a 40% discount on the already-discounted shoes in the factory store, so I can afford to wear high-quality athletic shoes that normally retail for $100+. My NB walking shoes were designed for USPS letter carriers and they are 'way comfortable, though not as stylish as the shoe in your post.

    Not one bit of fashion advice, _Mayday_, just practicality. I tend to try on a lot of shoes because depending on the design, they may or may not bend easily the same way your feet flex. NB shoes are used by a lot of marathoners, and I have generally found their running shoes to be light-weight, tough, and comfortable. They are not as widely distributed as Nike, Adidas, etc, but they are really good.
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    I wear so called lifestyle motorsports trainers, which are basically trainer versions of pro driving boots. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had. I first got Adi-racer adidas trainers and now have Puma Drift cats.


    Drift Cats
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    I wear COMFORTABLE shoes. I have a few pairs right now that look something like a cross between a sneaker and a mary jane. I thought they were kind of ugly, but I get compliments on them when I wear them to work (of course I work with scientists, so maybe that doesn't mean much :uhh:), so go figure. When I bought them, I bought them only to wear to work since I spend SO much time on my feet and even my most comfortable "nice" shoes were not staying comfortable after several hours standing. I have more than one pair simply because once I found a general style that was super comfortable and put an end to aching feet, ankles and back, I hunted down more pairs in different colors of pretty much the same shoe so as I wear them out, I'll have replacements.

    I have some nicer shoes for weekend wear, and dancing shoes for fancy wear (more comfortable than regular high heels...more support and padding). Being summer time, any time I'm home, I'm barefoot.

    (I don't figure you're interested in buying women's shoes anyway.)
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    I wear laceless shoes
    They are wonderfully comfortable
    You're not gonna use the laces anyways, so might as well get a shoe designed for that. Some of them don't even look too bad either.
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    Can you post some pictures? I'm just looking for shoes to wear to parties and stuff. I play alot of sport so trainers are my first shoe really. I wear alot of fitted jeans if that helps.
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    Men's Medium Trekker Strap Sandals


    http://www.landsend.com/pp/TrekkerStrapSandals~180995_-1.html?bcc=y&action=order_more&sku_0=::KHA&CM_MERCH=IDX_00009__0000000918&origin=index [Broken]

    I don't remember paying that much though.
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    It so hot in here, but we are not allowed open toes shoes in the experimental hall. Otherwise, I agree with Moonbear that my first criterium is confort above anything else.

    Q: Given two physicists talking to each other, how to determine which one is the most extroverted ?
    A: The one looking at the other one's shoes.
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    My sandals are Dunham (subsidiary of New Balance) 4200s. Soft brown leather 3-strap sandals with velcro adjustments and lug soles for hiking on moderate terrain. They are no longer in production, so I've got to make them last. :mad:
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    I half to wear enclosed dress shoes to work, I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. This past spring we got a memo saying nylons are no longer required in summer months. But bare feet in enclosed dress shoes is just feels wrong.
    I have no idea about mens shoe fashions, but go with what you like, not whats in style.
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    I wear my posh green wellies, they are very comfortable and warm in the winter cool in the summer.
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    I found some little shoe liner type socks. They're perfect for summer when you need a little bit of sock to avoid sticky feet but otherwise want bare legs, and regular socks don't look right. You also might want to look into dancing shoes. They're more comfortable than regular dress shoes. The only thing is if you're going to wear them as every day shoes, you will likely end up needing to get them resoled, because they have suede soles for dancing that wear out if worn outside. They're VERY expensive, but if you can't buy comfy, more casual shoes, it might be worth it.
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    I know what you mean - we have to wear steel-toed boots. Not a lot of attractive options for women in that department!

    Not that it matters much...I'm not a fashionista. I buy shoes I like and wear them until they're threadbare.
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    Buzzzzzzzzzz WRONG. The most extroverted one is the one looking at the other guys face. The other guy is the one looking at the shoes.
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    *reaches over and adjusts Cyrus' humor meter*
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    George Jones

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    I wear these Clarks sandals almost all summer, and also during some of the spring and fall.

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    One or two physicians on the local newspaper are not extroverted. Skills viewpoints also limited
    He wears black sandals almost every day, I am sure he never wears a tie in serious meeting
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    I usually wear running shoes of some kind that are nice and comfy as I am on my feet most of the day running around the hospital for school or work. I would love to wear sandals but I am not allowed....I have an amazing pair of dressy brown leather italian made sandals but i cant wear them most of the time because I am stuck with closed toe and heel shoes....booo.
  20. Jul 10, 2008 #19
    Thanks Moonbear, I will look into the dancing shoes.
  21. Jul 10, 2008 #20
    I have to wear black polishable shoes of some sort for work. Not that it bothers me since I like boots anyway. I was buying Sketchers for a while since they are cheaper but they fall apart more quickly and their cuts and designs are bulky and ugly. I found a pair of Dr. Martins on sale for a good price and bought those. So far they have lasted me quite well (I do alot of walking at work). And Doc Martins are fairly fashionable though I have no idea how well they go with polo shirts. :-/

    For a lighter shoe when I'm not working I bought these...
    Chucks may not last long if you do alot of walking in them but they tend to be fairly cheap. I find them comfortable and I personally think these one are pretty cool.

    Edit: by the way in case you aren't familiar with Converse they come in a variety of looks from plain to a crossword pattern, not just pinstripe.

    I suppose it depends on whose opinion of attractiveness matters. Most of my exs wore boots. I find them more attractive than most womens shoes.
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  22. Jul 10, 2008 #21
    I have a pair of $40.00 chucks:


    But I made them unique by changing the shoe laces to bright red that match the red line, instead of the normal white laces.

    I also have a pair of white steve maddens:


    Those are pretty much the only two shoes I wear during the summer.
  23. Jul 11, 2008 #22
    Ouch. I think I bought mine for about $20. I usually go to the dicount shoe stores. And the new Kohl's they put in always seems to have good sales with quality merchandise. I find better prices for my shoes there than the discount store sometimes. Along with a better size range (since I have big feet).

    And I sound like a commercial again. :-/
  24. Jul 11, 2008 #23

    Every store I went to had them for about $35-40. $20 sounds like a steal though. Were the exactly the same pair?
  25. Jul 11, 2008 #24
    Not the same as yours no. The pinstripe ones I mention above. Maybe yours are a different more expensive design?

    Edit: and I exagerated. They were probably about $25. Still a good price though.
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  26. Jul 11, 2008 #25
    No, there just the normal white ones you get. They have fancy ones on their website for $90.00, but chucks ant worth $90.00.

    I've never seen the ones I have cheaper (or more expensive) than $40.00.

    Whats interesting is that if you thumb through a GQ magazine, they have shoes that are basically ripped-off chucks that just have different colors running upwards of $200.00. I mean, identical except for the colors used. An order of magnitude off in price for something made in bangladesh by 12 year olds to make a company 1000% profit margins.
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