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I need some help

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    ok, well i don't know very much about physics, and i'm not quite sure i know much about math or science especially in comparison to you all.

    anyhow, i love math only i would like to know about some scientist who study demensions and their theories. i mean my ideas and thoughts may be cliche and i guess iw ould just like to know. because i think through all that i have been thinking about and trying to figure out, well you wouldn't understand the connection unless i wrote it all down and that would take ages so i guess i just want to ask you guys for help, your opinions or theories, so i can see if i have made any mistakes.

    well to clarify i just want to know everything you know about demensions.

    thanks for your help.
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    There is a number of dimensions, n.

    Each and every one of them symbolise a direction in space.

    (although the dimensions of an object
    is it's length, height and width but not it's time)

    The distance, d, between two object is the hypotenus of a
    cube with length, width and height. We get that d2 = l2 + w2 + h2
    using pythagoras rule.

    If every point in the universe can be counted as an origo, the
    universe is a net. Let's not forget that the net moves.

    and the, ofcourse, what we see is things that have happened.

    It takes time for the light to reach us.

    ct = d

    Einstein imagined that when ct was 0, d was 0, and that the universe
    was a big baloon.

    Hawkings imagine that there are many baloons.

    I imagine that there is no baloon, and that the distance, d,
    between two objects is constant (not counting the obvious).

    I believe that the distance between two points can be written s + icts

    That the expantion of the universe is an illusion;

    that bigger and bigger units of mass are moving away from eachother, driven by temperature,

    allthough masses within the units are moving against eachother and
    high frequent energy is exitating the ether all the time, you could
    say that it more or less dissappears.

    It's clear that the first fact is a consequence of the second.

    I believe that the universe is a neverending continuum and that every
    point is an origo.

    The universe is thereby a net. That moves.

    That net can move either against or from a point, and that net always
    move in the speed c.

    that the net always have moved and always will move.

    that the ether one day will fall back to a lower energy-level and create a new big bang. A new chaos will rise, from a pretty homogen ether. The neverending gas cloud of etherparticles can't ever form the same pathern twice. So the universe is a nonrepeating continuum.
    as I thought.

    Sorry! times up. got to go. Best wishes Erik-Olof Wallman
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