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I need some motivation

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    I am doing my A-Levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

    I am doing very well at F-Maths/Maths and physics. I'm getting 90-100% in the mock tests, but I'm just not enjoying or doing well in chemistry.

    The teacher doesn't seem to have a deep understanding of the subject, so she cant answer my questions that are beyond the syllabus. I have not had a problem with revision or understanding with subjects that I enjoy, but chemistry at my school just bores me. I am considering dropping it.

    I got interested in maths/physics when I read "A Brief History Of Time". I then went on to read a whole load of popular science books, and I find them all fascinating. But they were all physics/maths orientated.

    Can someone recommend a good chemistry pop-science book? I'm not fussy, I think even knowledge beyond the syllabus is a motivator for me.

    Any other advice/comments would be good.


    edit: I should have put this thread into the Academic Guidance section... Is there a way I can move it?
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