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I need some new friends

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    The last 2 months have drastically changed my life. After an turbulent sequence of events I admitted myself to the hospital where I remained for 10 days. I was totally cut off from the internet, phone, etc - I found this to be a positive thing. Anyway, after getting home and checking my emails, calls/texts and facebook, I realized how few people are really looking out for me. In fact, I think no more than 3 of my friends were the least bit concerned that I was gone. Aside from this setback, my experience at the hospital was life changing. I feel so much more self assured, confident, calm, and just overall optimistic about life. I have also come to terms with several issues which have haunted me through out my life. In short, in many ways I am a completely (but not totally) different person than I was 2 months ago.

    These changes have been extremely beneficial and positive, but have left me "friendless" in a sense. I do not feel comfortable with the old crowd of friends I was hanging out with before. I also know it is foolish to go out "looking" for friends as these type of relationships should come about naturally with little effort. So, any ideas on how to make some new friends? I was thinking about joining a club or activity. Maybe I can meet some people in this meditation class I will sign up for. Who knows!
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    That depends on what your hobbies and interests are. I suggest going somewhere that has people with similar interests as you do.
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    I just moved to a new city, and I'm trying to make new friends through board games. The local board game shop has "open board gaming" on Sundays, so I've been heading up there with a board game and mingling.

    So yes, activities are a great way to meet new people, particularly if it's an interactive activity.
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    May I ask why you admitted yourself to the hospital?
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    Meds werent working the way they should. When I saw my doctor last Tuesday she told me to check myself in right away.
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    Have you considered volunteering at a food-bank? They are very stressed this time of year, and you can help others and meet like-minded people in the process. With cold weather coming on, poor people in Maine are making choices between heat, food, utilities, etc.
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