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I need to buy polarised transducers

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    Ah, not so! While is virtually impossible to generate shear waves in gases, shear waves are possible in liquids and solids, or basically any elastic material.

    Sound can be induced as shear waves in addition to longitudinal waves. And there are hybrid waves (Lamb waves). All these are well known in the application of ultrasonics in non-destructive testing and imaging.

    For example -
    Ultrasonic methods for characterizing polymeric material
    http://pubs.acs.org/hotartcl/ci/00/feb/alig.html [Broken]

    Generation of Horizontally Polarized Shear Waves with EMAT Transducers

    I'll see if I can answer the OP later.
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    No kidding? I never knew that. Thanks, Astro, I learn something new every day, especially here on PF.:biggrin:
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