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    I am a undergraduate of mechanical Engineering.so I just learning theories regarding these section. but i want to do something different. I want to join researches, I want do something new. I have to find very reliable path to archive it. How can I do this?
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    So you want to be a research assistant? Check with your university. They may have some type of program for undergrads but typically RA's are grad students.

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    Thanks for giving your idea...
    I hope little more friends..

    In the next year we are going to have project.But still i am in my study sessions. I am so interested in energy management. Such as wind power,sea wave abstraction, solar power... I need to build some foundation for my own research. These kind of energy sources are readily available in this place where am I studied.

    I think, what you mention is depending on what I want to achieve.I sorry for not mention much of my ambition of this thread.

    You little idea, sometimes Encourage me lots,... so leave you idea..

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    It's great that your courses are getting you excited to learn faster, but the best path for now is probably to do your best in your classes and as long as you are doing well, seek out clubs and independent study courses in school. Just don't jump so far ahead that you start doing badly in your required courses and remember, the world will still be there when you finish your undergrad degree!
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