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I need to know abou lasers

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    I need to know about lasers. Has anyone got any websites or links describing lasers?
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    http://www.cohr.com/" [Broken] is the site of a major manufacturer.

    What sort of information do you need? Do you have any specific questions?
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    Hi thanks for the info

    Hi, thanks for the info.
    Well I need info in what lasers can do and how they are used and all the calculations involved in that.
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    Is this like a high school report?
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    Claude Bile

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    ALL the calculations? That would take someone years... entire series of textbooks are devoted to the topic of lasers.

    Even the simplest equations involving lasers are of a second-year university level, so unless you are at this level, introducing and explaining any equation is most likely a futile exercise.

    A basic conceptual illustration of how lasers work should not be beyond a high-school student. Check out the Mk gave you and if there is something that needs further explaining, we should be able to help.

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    Ok Mk provided me some useful information. Thanks.
    Claude Bile your right we haven't got that much. I just needed to know the basic concepts and then have a little more.
    Thanks a lot
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