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I need topics to be proven,

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    hi everyone, i'm new to this forum so i'm not so sure if i posted on the right place...hmm i just want to collect more topics to be explored for my paper...please do give and help me...thank you so much..
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    i mean simple problems yet interesting to prove...for my logic subject...
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    Could you please be more specific and give more information?? We don't even know what your paper is about...
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    Here's one I found today.

    Given statements a, b, and c, prove that


    It's neat. You start off thinking "I need an 'a' so I can use that 'a' and my assumption that 'b->c' to show 'c''. But you're not given an 'a' anywhere ;)
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    thank you for your message guys..i just want to clarify to micromass that i just need some simple premise...thanks
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