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I need your advice.

  1. Jan 3, 2013 #1
    hey guys,
    I want to be working in the energy field in the future (windmills to be more specific) but in general anything in energy.

    In a month ill be starting this technical program called building systems engineering technology, its a program focusing on energy systems for building upon other stuff. (i took this program for its interesting courses: principles of heat and fluids, energy conservation, applied mathematics, strength of materials, etc...) this is the site http://www.vaniercollege.qc.ca/building-systems/

    Now, I've talked to my school adviser and after i graduate ill be able to get into a mechanical engineering or civil program at a university. (only those two) and i definitely want to go to uni later on.

    First question, would you advise me to go this way given that my choices are narrowed?
    Secondly, is mechanical engineering a good choice for my goal (maybe even working for the canadian government developing new energy efficient prototypes or something cool like that lol)

    thanks to you all!
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    I'm not familiar with the Canadian education system, but that course seems to be intended to train people to be "hands on" HVAC engineers etc.

    I don't see how it will help you much if you want to do a university degree in Mech or Civil Eng, unless you want to work for a while before going to uni.

    I think you would be better doing more "academic" courses before university, particularly maths. The "applied maths" and "intro to calculus" courses described on the Vanier website don't look like they are at the same level as the math in an engineering degree course.
  4. Jan 3, 2013 #3
    thanks for the reply alephzero! (you arab?)

    well because im from quebec. In quebec you have to go to CEGEP before you enter university, ether with a 2 year pre-university program or a 3 year career or technology program.

    But to get in with a 3 year program you need to take a couple of more classes before entering uni. Yes my plan was to work for 1.5 years and take those courses in the beginning.
    (we also have a uni that takes student from technology programs but i dont think i want to go there.)
  5. Jan 3, 2013 #4
    Is it not possible for you to do the 'sciences pures et appliquées' option for your CEGEP (anglo disclaimer: I'm from Ontario and so don't know a whole lot about the CEGEP system, I only recall hearing that sciences pures allows the broadest university options)? Mech and civil both probably have pretty good prospects for energy-related specializations, but it's a very rapidly changing field so it couldn't hurt keep more doors open. It probably goes without saying, but job prospects in alternative energy with the federal government are not especially good at the moment...
  6. Jan 4, 2013 #5
    Well I could but it would mean switching and losing a semester. Without even guarantying my acceptance.
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