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I need your help

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    Guys please I need your help..

    In article: “The enhancement of photodegradation efficiency using Pt–TiO2 catalyst” F.B. Li, X.Z. Li Chemosphere 48 (2002) 1103–1111

    Preparation of photocatalysts.

    Photoreduction process: TiO2 was suspended in a mixture of hexachloroplatinic acid in methanol. The suspension was irradiated with a 125 W mercury lamp (60 min.). Pt-TiO2 was separated by filtration, washed with distilled water and dried at 100°C for 24 h.

    why do we use methanol solvent and not use water in Preparation for doped Pt/TiO2?

    what is the effect of using it?

    And why the suspension irradiated with UV light .

    what is the effect of using it?

    Thank you in advance
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