I never win anything :-(

  1. Evo

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    My boss just asked me to meet him in the conference room. He wouldn't tell me what was going on, he said two more people were coming. Turns out he had $5,000 to give to one person, and since there were only three of us still at work on a Friday afternoon, he was going to draw a name and the winner got the money.

    Obviously I didn't win.

    I'm bummed.
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  3. maybe you'll win next Friday
  4. chroot

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    Uh, are you kidding me? Your boss hands out random $5k bonuses to people just for being there on a Friday afternoon?

    No wonder our economy is so f'ed up right now.

    - Warren
  5. EnumaElish

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    I would have split it into 3.

    You win PF'ers fondness, respect and awe (a discriminating and hard to please crowd); so I say you're a winner.
  6. Evo

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    Yup, he gave someone $5k during the holidays, since he was the only one there.

    He says he has two more to give out but it will be raffled off between those that are here when he decides to do it.
  7. Evo

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    Yes, that is better than $5,000. :cry:
  8. Ivan Seeking

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    Just think, if you hadn't known about it you would have no reason to be depressed.

    I'll officially award you one box of Twinkies just for being you. Just send me the bill. :biggrin:
  9. Evo

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  10. EnumaElish

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    Get online NOW and treat yourself to a box of Godiva's best.

    Send the bill to Ivan. :biggrin:
  11. I get the feeling your boss is either very indecisive or doesn't like his employees very much. It seems odd to me to mandate $5K to one person in an office full of people. That would encourage competition, but not teamwork. It would encourage sabotage and distrust in employees. Then the whole 'only one of you three can win, but I want you to be here to see the look on your faces when you lose' thing. It resembles the occassional reinforcement pattern found in gambling, and could be a way to increase productivity and general ass-kissing from employees at a minimum cost. I'm not impressed.
  12. Evo

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    He had asked for permission to split it but was denied.

    The drawing was the only fair thing to do. And by drawing in front of us there could be no question that it was rigged.
  13. Well then I take back what I said about him.
  14. Now you know to bring a revolver next time you're called to the conference room.
  15. Evo

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    He should have just given it to me, I can keep a secret. The girl that won certainly doesn't need the money.
  16. Evo

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    Can't do that, last month they put a sticker on the front door of a gun with that red circle and line through it.
  17. Denied by who?
  18. IT's ok. It's worth more when you earn it.

    Did you buy that???
  19. Evo

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    Our director.

  20. Evo

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    I'm going to cry. I really could have used that.
  21. Who couldn't?
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