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I obviously broke a rule

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    so i would like to say sorry, and in order to remain within the bounds of PF law, could the person that deleted my request for download thread tell me what exactly i did wrong... just through PM if that is preferred.
    Thanks :)
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    If you were asking for material which is copyrighted, then this will be the grounds for which your thread was deleted.
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    I don't think so
    I actually stumbled upon the URL from the resources sub forum located right here.

    when i posted the thread, i got a warning saying i could not submit url's if i had less than 15 posts... so i replaced the : in http : // with a space... could that be it?
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    The 15 post restriction was put in place recently to prevent spam posts, it is unlikely that your thread was deleted for that reason. If you 'double posted' the URL, i.e. if you just simply copied the original post verbatim without adding anything new or without asking a question, then it is likely your thread was deleted as a double post. However, I'm sure that the mentor who deleted your thread will contact you shortly and explain why your thread was deleted.
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    gravy, thanks.
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