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I paid

  1. Aug 27, 2010 #1
    I decided to contribute money to the site.

    I am more of a student than a mentor, and this site is a valuable resource.

    There are many insightful geeks on this board, and I respect the information they share.
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    Good for you! We should all offer support to valuable resources.
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    Thanks airborne18! Your support is greatly appreciated!
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    By trade I am a software guru. I used to consult with companies that would have marketing people proposing idiotic websites just to spam the internet and create pay-per-click ad revenue and skim 2% of all transactions.

    There are so many useless sites that exist because they are marketing schemes that drive traffic to nonesense.

    So when you find a gem of a website like this, you really have to financially support it. Everyone complains about the interent spam and pop-ups, yet they won't put out a few bucks to support a legit resource on the web.
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    Thank you airborne! Always nice to hear that the forum is appreciated. We seem to attract great people that make this forum what it is.
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    As a proud member of PF, I'm always happy to see praise from a professional. It's nice coming from anyone, but somewhat more significant when it's from someone who knows how to "comparison shop".
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