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I plan on travelling to Montreal

  1. Aug 9, 2006 #1
    i plan on travelling to our brothers up north, Canada around the end of August.

    however, my passport expired 4 months ago. i have been hearing a lot of differing opinions on this: some say i dont need a passport to get into Canada at all even if i'm taking a flight.

    anyway, i plan on going to Montreal with some friends for 3 or 4 days. any tips? anyone been to montreal? is it true the drinking age is 18? gambling age is 18? night life is insane?
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    I'm Cdn and live near Mtl, but I don't think you need a passport.

    Yes, nightlife there is without a doubt the most interesting in Canada. Walk St-Denis, St-Laurent, Ste-Catherine, and Crescent and you'll never go bored. Rent a Segway by the Old Port. Take the Metro to the Casino and LaRonde amusement park. Botanical gardens and Biosphere in the daytime for the scientific in you. Oratoire St-Joseph for spirituality. Place Versaille mall for shopping.

    Not wanting to become insane is indeed the reason I don't actually live there.
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    All three are very much true.
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    you dont want to become insane?????? are you crazy? being insane is the best!
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    You will have a blast in montreal. And lucky for you there is a ton of english there despite it being in Quebec!
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    You will need a notarized, large copy, birth certificate.
    The wallet size birth certificate or drivers license doesn't cut it anymore. You might get more slack if driving, but I wouldn't count on it.
    I was up there a few months ago and they are all just being a PITA, especially US reentry.

    A Passport is not required until end of year 2006, but if you just need a renewal I'd do that.

    LaRonde, very :cool:
    Montreal, should be a fun time.

    Some people will just insist on speaking French even though you know very well they understand :grumpy:
    If they want to hear me butcher the language, so be it :rofl:
    I pity their ears :biggrin:

    PS: Don't spit on the sidewalks or drop trash.
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