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I really need help decision about dropping out of graduate program

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I recently started a terminal masters program in physics. Shortly after starting, I had a big anxiety issue that I never had in my life before. In my undergrad I worked 2 jobs, was in a fraternity, was in a physics program full time and had a social life. I managed to make it all work and life was great.

I moved to a new area for my program and out of the blue one day had a big panic attack. Since then I've been having a bit of issues with GAD/Health anxiety (been seeing a psychologist). I don't currently work, I only grade to support myself and am only taking 2 courses (which I believe I'm failing - the grading system for this MS isn't just A/B although it requires a B minimum).

Now I have spoken to my adviser and he basically told me to make out a pro/con list to leaving the program and ultimately to do what is best for me (told me to envision myself in 10 years).

I'm considering in the next year to switch to engineering. I find myself completely disenchanted with more mechanics and math methods courses for physics. I wonder if I only did the MS program because it was the next logical step for me.

Now I'm just thinking that I want to be more applied and have a decent job afterwards. One of my friends went into an engineering program and he said he enjoys it much more than undergrad (went to same place). We both were like minded.

I'm wondering here if it's my recent anxiety issues that are dictating my thoughts/feelings or if it's legitimate. I currently HATE going to class and although the professors are really nice and helpful I just feel completely burned out. I don't want to even leave the damn apartment lately. (I know depression/anxiety can cause a lot of negative feelings)

I currently live with my gf down here, I need to be able to pay rent and have student loans...so I feel trapped.

I'm at a loss of what to do here.

Stick with the program?

Try to get out while I can and switch to an engineering MS?

Find a job? I mean I don't even know where to begin with a physics BS. I haven't really heard of anyone in the last few years landing a good job with a BS in physics (besides teaching HS).

Thoughts are appreciated..

I am in a similar situation. My professors also have this insane grading policy where they grade on an absolute scale, the exams and homeworks are so inhumanely hard it probably violates the UN charter and the math is getting to my head.

At least tough this semester out though it only has 1-2 weeks left.
Yeah I have one week left. Idk what to do though outside of studying as much as I can...

Other input is appreciated
Nobody has advice for this? At all?
Can you take some sort of leave of absence (medical?) so you can get things sorted out and simultaneously decide whether or not this experience is worth it to you?

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