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I really need Help SERIOUSLY

  1. Nov 11, 2003 #1
    Ok....the puzzler. I haven't gotten really far. But this is what I have....

    Delta X= -12.96 m
    Vo= 0m/s
    a= -9.80 m/s-squared-

    v-squared- = vo-squared- + 2aDelta x
    v= 15.94 m/s

    v = vo + at
    t= 1.626 s

    Delta x= 7.5 m
    t= 1.626 s
    v= ?

    Delta x = vxt
    vx= 4.613 m/s

    Box being pushed:
    V= 4.163 m/s
    Delta x= 5.0 m

    Delta x= vxt
    t= 1.083 s

    What do I do from here? I really need help...as I have stated before. Could you please just post the whole process and then I can see if I can get it.

    -Paige and fellow Physics 30 Canadian students
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