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I really need help with this Pre Calculus problem =[

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    sketch and graph
    1. y= [x][/3] +2
    2. y= squareroot x-3
    3. y= Ix-2I
    4. y= [y][/2] - 1
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    If you're not sure what the graph looks like, then just plug in some numbers for x, (x=1, x=2, x=3) and then plot the points. Then just connect them with a smooth line.
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    I don't actually understand your notation. What are those square brackets and "I"s?
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    I don't understand even one of these. What do the square brackets mean?

    But I'll take a stab at (2) :tongue2:

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    Yes what are the square brackets?
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    I think it's pretty straight forward, albeit bizarre notation. The brackets mean nothing, and the "I...I" are supposed to be absolute value bars "|...|".
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