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Homework Help: I really need help

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    can sombody please help me, im a high school student and i really need help on this question

    The diagram below show a cross-section view of a sheet of metal (of thermal conductivity, k) covered on each side by a layer of plastic of thermal conductivity k/1000. The lower face of the plastic is maintained at a steady temperature, T4 = 150°C. The top surface is maintained at a steady temperature, T1 = 20°C. Calculate the temperatures of the surfaces of the metal, T2 and T3. Assume that the heat lost through the sides of the metal (and plastic) is negligible.

    i think I'v attacked the diagram

    if anyone can, it would be really appriciated

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    You need to show us that you have but some effort into this problem.

    What equations do you know of that might help?
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    hey, i figured it out!! used the k=Rd/((T2-T1)A) formula, the R, A and K cancelled out
    thanks anyway
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