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I really want to work at IDEO

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    Hello. My name is Michael and I just graduated high school. I have all these dreams of a better world and plenty of ideas that are feasible and would be amazing but I have that slight problem of money. I joined the Marines and I hope on going to college after my four years are up, but even then I have read some things about it being difficult to find a job in science, and that's if I am even smart enough to get by in college. (I'm not very smart as is but I still think that with help my ideas could become reality) could any one tell me if I should even waste my time, or if I should go for it, or even if I could just give my ideas for something to someone and they could make it possible? ( I really want to work at IDEO were I could jot down ideas and other people with better skills could help me make it.) please help, thanks.
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    Re: What should I do?

    go for it.
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    Ironmancon, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Please get a notebook/diary right away and immediately begin to write down and describe and or diagram your ideas. This is for your own good use later on, and not to show to others. We get some of our best ideas at your age...I have seen this repeatedly, in myself and in others.

    If you check with the Marine Corps they may offer educational programs like engineering college degrees. Usually you need to re-enlist for longer times, because if the Corps pays for your education they want to get some benefit! Otherwise, serve honorably your four-year hitch and get out. Don't forget, you have the chance to take USAFI correspondence courses for free during that four years! By then you'll know a lot more about your longer-term goals and which areas you are interested in. When you get out I think there's a GI Bill for you that would pay most of your college expenses, if you really want a higher education. Good luck for you!
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    Hi, Michael.
    Welcome to PF.
    From what I've seen of the US military through news and their recruitment advertisements, it seems that they have a very good educational system in place. I'm not sure how it works, but don't you get a college or even university degree free of charge if you study while enlisted? If you have the constitution to stay in, it would seem to be worth your while. (The reason that I phrased it thusly is that I absolutely will not obey orders. In fact, I will do the exact opposite of what I'm ordered to do, just as a way of telling the "superior" to stuff it.)
    I agree with Bobby about keeping notes. That is something that I have found invaluable as both a writer and a designer. They need not be detailed; just put down enough that you can reassemble the thoughts when reading them.
    I suspect that your lack of confidence in your own intelligence is mistaken. You express yourself very well, and show a curiosity that indicates an active mind. Also, you involved yourself with this forum, which is not something done by idiots. (Some have tried, but they didn't last long enough to matter.)

    edit: By the bye, what the hell does IDEO stand for?
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    whats your idea, create cold fusion or something?....come on...everything's already been done before.

    Don't know anything about IDEO but if its a company then you'll do work, following orders and tasks for other people. You'll be better off in the marines where you might have a few grand and plenty of spare time to think and file a patent for your idea's.
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    Well that's an incredibly inane statement...
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    It made for a really good song, though: "Everything old is new again." :biggrin:
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